If you can't wear lip liner without compulsively checking your reflection in every slightly mirrored surface, this is for you.

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Lining your lips is an age-old trick that women have been using for years. Unfortunately, sometimes long-lasting lipstick isn't as long lasting as one might hope. What's left is a trace of pencil around a once perfectly colored pout—and nobody likes that. This cringe-worthy scenario can be completely avoided with one little hack that will help you save face no matter how long you go between applications.

Regardless of who taught you how to use lip liner, we bet they told you the first step in applying lip liner is to start with a lip pencil that's relatively fresh. If it's past its prime it will be dry and difficult to apply, making your job a lot harder. Begin with your typical lip-lining technique. Hold the pencil at a slight angle (this will give you a softer effect) and use short strokes following the natural line of your lip. Shorter strokes encourage you to use a lighter hand and, therefore, produce a lighter line. Inspect from a few angles to ensure your handiwork is on point. Satisfied? Okay, now we're going to get to the good stuff.

Here's where our lip trick comes in. Instead of applying lipstick as your next move, fill in your lips with the same pencil you used to line. You'll want to use a light hand to keep your look from becoming too harsh. You can even blend the filled-in liner with your finger to create a softer effect. Next, finish with lipstick or a tinted gloss.

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The beauty of this technique is that you won't fear fading lipstick. Your entire lip will fade gradually over time without the dreaded lip outline. We know you'll still probably steal a few glances as your reflection in shiny elevator doors and parked car windows, but we have a feeling you'll be pleasantly surprised with what you find.