Red carpet waves at home? Yes, please!

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These effortless everyday curls are the perfect wavy look for straight haired girls. Get the tutorial here from Gal Meets Glam.

Pinterest/Gal Meets Glam

Big, beautiful waves are always the talk of the red carpet—even more so when they achieve that oh-so-effortless ease. But, what if we told you that you needn’t steal Meghan Markle's hair stylist to achieve this look at home? With the right tools and a few tips on technique from the pro’s themselves, you’ll be on your way to head-turning waves in no time. Got a curling iron and 20 minutes to spare? Good. Let’s get to work.

WATCH: Carefree Beachy Waves


All About the Prep Work.

First things first, don’t even think about touching your hair with heat before protecting it. Use this heat & UV protectant the second you hop out of the shower to give your locks high-level protection from styling. Salon tip: Let your hair air dry for a few minutes before blow drying—wet hair is the most susceptible to heat damage, so operating with damp or towel dried hair is always the safest bet.

Blow Dry to Perfection.

Blow your hair dry straight with a flat paddle brush. Don’t worry—we’ll get to curling later, but blowing it straight will get rid of frizzies and prevent you from having to put your hair at even more risk with a straightener. Before moving onto curling, blow cool air on your roots to give them a little extra volume.

Choose the Right Sized Barrel.

When choosing the right curling iron for this desired style, stray away from barrels smaller than 1” as this will provide tight ringlets—and avoid curling wands altogether! Instead, opt for a barrel that is at least 1.25” wide for loose, beachy curls.

Master the Technique.

For more natural looking waves, alternate curling each section of hair toward your face and away from your face. I’ve found that curling all pieces away from your face results in a style that’s very ‘pageant girl’ (which is great if that’s what you’re after!) and curling toward your face creates a more modern look. Combining the two techniques creates a look that doesn’t appear too ‘done,’ as naturally wavy hair tends to curl in all sorts of directions. While curling, focus more on the bottom half of your hair and only go back to curl a few pieces toward the roots for added texture.

The Finishing Touch.

Comb your fingers through your curls to loosen them, and finish off your ‘do with a texturizing spray to add volume and texture. If your locks tend to have trouble holding a curl, opt for a lightweight hairspray like this one (that also smells yummy!) that will lock in your style all day without weighing it down—or leaving you with that dreaded crunchy feeling.