These rainbow-tinted creams are as powerful as they are pretty.
Credit: Amy Whitt/Getty Images

Concealer is a woman's best friend: It has your back, boosts your confidence, and always encourages you to put your best face forward. But sometimes you need a little extra support—especially when it comes to problem-solving your biggest issues. The beauty back-up you need in your life? A color-correcting palette. While it may look more like a Game Day face-painting kit than a vanity essential, these easy-to-blend hues are like concealer's exotic cousins, and they're designed to perfect your complexion in a similar fashion. They help counteract everything from dark under eye circles to redness around your nose to that pesky pimple that flared up overnight. Not to mention, they prevent you from caking on concealer. Talk about a win/win.

The color-correcting palette we're currently crushing on is Ulta's Color Correct Concealer Palette ($15, It has five multi-tasking shades along with slender packaging and a built-in brush, making it great for on-the-go. So what's a girl to do with these pastel creams? Let us explain.

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If you think of the color wheel, green is the opposite of red, so it only makes sense that it helps neutralize rosy tones that stem from rosacea, a sunburn or broken capillaries. It also works wonders against an angry blemish. Gently apply it on top of a zit, then brush mineral makeup powder over it. Mineral formulas don't harbor bacteria like liquids or creams can, which is why they're ideal for concealing acne.


Bye, bye hyperpigmentation and dark spots. A yellow tint diminishes their appearance.


It brightens up sallow skin or any yellowness.


A cheery orange perks up tired eyes, since it disguises dark purple circles on light to medium complexions.

Dark Orange

For deeper skin tones, use a darker orange or reddish shade under the eyes or on veins. Trust us, it's a way better option than this viral video using lipstick.