Wave that wand with confidence.

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The perfect mascara is not unlike a great tomato sandwich. In its Platonic form, a tomato sandwich is made from three simple components: white bread, mayonnaise, and an in-season tomato (give or take some salt and pepper). The same can be said of a tube of mascara; there's the formula, the brush, and the wiper. Both rely on the quality of those components to be top-notch because if even one is off, the ideal is lost. Also true: anything else added whether it's basil leaves, fancy bacon, an oscillating wand, or a fashion house brand, might be nice, but likely unnecessary. Still think we're stretching with this comparison here? Let us explain five myths about mascara.

Shiny and expensive correlate with quality: As is often the case, the truth will set you free, and when it comes to mascara the aforementioned statement couldn't be farther from it. When it comes to the actual formula inside the bottle, there is very little difference between Dior and the drug store since not much innovation has happened in regards the ingredients that go into it. As for the packaging, if you like having a tube that doubles as an art piece on your vanity, you do you, but don't feel like it signals anything other than branding.

It's all about the brush: Yes, the style of brush head on your mascara wand is indeed important, but what may even be more so is the wiper. Inside the top of the tube is something akin to a nano-squeegee that removes excess formula from the brush. If it removes too much, you will end up double dipping more than a rude tailgate guest; if it removes too little, your lashes might look like they're coated in black velveeta.

Loyalty above all: So many ladies remain in complacent relationships with a certain mascara because switching brands or trying a new brush style seems too risky. But you might be missing out on the true mascara love of your life. There's even a whole polyamorous world of mixing mascaras, using two (even three!) different tubes to create the desired effect. While that might sound high maintenance, if you think about how many coats and strokes you apply of your usual mascara, trying to make it be something it's not, it's more efficient to do two swipes of a volumizing-specific mascara and then apply a couple of a lengthening one at the end.

If it clumps, dump it: Although you might think the mascara itself is the culprit of clumping, there are many other suspects you should consider. Let's get all Mariska Hargitay on this for a moment. Have you switched your moisturizer to something heavier in the winter? Using a new eye cream? Did you wash your face with an oil-based cleanser? Your eyelashes collect much more product than you realize, which affects how your mascara will coat them. Just keep your lashes as clean and dry as possible or even try applying it first before anything else skincare related.


Consider the canvas: You know how the perfect tomato sandwich really pops when it's served on a white plate? Similarly, mascara looks better on eyes that are refreshed and bright. Apply some Rhoto Eye Drops in the morning and your eyes will have that whole sparkly, Emma Stone-thing going on all day.