Get organized once and you’ll be in it for the long haul.

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Makeup and Cosmetics on Table
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A makeup collection can get out of hand quickly if not corralled. Throw it in a big box and next thing you know you’ve wound up with a bunch of stuff that you don’t use and don’t need. Yikes—insert shopping remorse. Keeping makeup organized and tidy will help you keep a constant inventory, which means you’ll be less likely to find decades-old, never-used lipsticks floating around the recesses of your under-sink cabinets. But beyond ensuring you’re able to keep your makeup collection in check, these makeup vanity organization ideas will make sure you’ve got everything just where you need it. The best way to organize makeup is to group it in ways that makes sense to you, with the objective being a more efficient and tidy display. If you’re trying to figure out how to organize your makeup, let our favorite organizing products and hacks be your guide. You’ll soon be ready to toss all the things you no longer need (or the ones that are long expired) and keep the rest of the collection perfectly organized. It’s instant gratification.

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Lipstick Organizer
Credit: Target

Use a Standing Organizer for Lipsticks

There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling off cap after cap in search of the one lipstick you’re after. A tiered, upright system will help keep them all in plain view.

BUY: Threshold 9 Compartment Glass & Metal Vanity Organizer, $24.99;

Ball Mason Jars
Credit: Target

Grab a Mason Jar To Store Brushes

You might need a couple of Mason jars to get the job done. As always, it’s best to group like-shaped products together. So keep blush, bronzer, and powder brushes in one jar, with eye brushes in another.

BUY: Ball 8 oz. Glass Regular Mouth Mason Jar, $10.99/pack of 12;

Vanity Tray
Credit: Tray

Corral Perfumes on a Tray

Even if perfumes are already grouped together, putting them on a tray will give the collection order.

BUY: Home Details Large Geometric Mirrored Vanity Tray, $19.99;

Trifle Bowl
Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

Put Polishes in a Trifle Bowl

A clear glass bowl is a pretty way to keep polishes within eye view. A lifted trifle bowl will create a countertop-worthy display.

BUY: Dailyware Trifle Bowl, $17.99;

Makeup Organizing Drawers

Use a Drawer System

Group like products together. For instance, concealer and foundation, blush and bronzer, mascara and eyeliners, and eyeshadow palettes and pots.

BUY: Sorbus Cosmetic Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display, $26.99;

Makeup Organizing System
Credit: Target

Go A La Carte

Use a makeup storage unit with pieces that are sold separately, that way you’ll only buy what you need. Not a fan of lipstick (gasp)? Go ahead and skip the tube organizer and use a cube drawer system.

BUY: Sorbus Cosmetic Makeup Storage, starting at $18.99;

Makeup Travel Bag
Credit: Sephora

Have a Go Bag

If you’re always on the go, keep your daily essentials in a tidy cosmetic bag that’s ready to grab and go whenever needed.

BUY: Sephora Collection Pack It All Organizer, $45;

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Don’t put off organizing your makeup and cosmetics for another minute. We’re ready to say goodbye to starting our mornings with the chaos of an unorganized makeup drawer—for good.