Two tubes are better than one.

Eye Makeup Tips
We all want eyes that pop but don't always have the right tools. These tips will bring you enviable lashes and eye makeup wisdom.
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If you're anything like me, you have multiple tubes of mascara stashed in your makeup drawer. From curling to volumizing to defining, there's a formula for every occasion. A woman needs choices after all! Not to mention, sometimes your fringe requires a little extra help. Think: Your inner lashes need lift while your outer ones need length and volume. For this very reason, I started to experiment by layering different formulations in college. It's a beauty trick that I've continued to do to this day. Out of curiosity, I decided to ask pro makeup artist, Beth Bender, if she had any tricks to perfecting the art of layering. Read on for her genius advice on how to master mascara application.

First, choose one regular mascara for your base coat then choose a waterproof one for your second. Not only will this protect your lashes from any potential damage from the waterproof formula and make removal easier, but it also ensures your lashes can withstand any crazy Southern weather that heads your way—from a freak afternoon deluge to a steaming humidity. Bender also says this is a must-do for weddings or any other special occasions where a few tears might be shed.

Next comes the right way to apply. "First, starting at the base of the lashes move your mascara wand in a back and forth motion as you move the wand up towards the tips of your lashes," says Bender. "You can use this technique on the tops of lashes and under your lashes. This will also make sure each lash is coated and the color/formula is evenly distributed." After your first coat, use a lash comb to get out any clumps. Immediately follow with another coat—waiting any longer than a minute will lead to more difficult application and could potentially make your lashes look spider-y. Continue this two-step process (apply, then comb) until you've achieved your desired lash look.

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In terms of your bottom lashes, choose an appropriate formula then sweep it on. "You can apply to just the tips, the middle lashes or the outer lashes," explains Bender. "I usually like to use the top of my mascara wand to hit just the tips of lashes and outer lashes." If you really want your lower fringe to pop, she suggests using a different color to create contrast against the top lashes. Or try a more out-of-the-box technique: "Another cool way to accentuate your bottom lashes is to create an upside-down cat-eye," suggests Bender. "So instead of winging out your top lid, you create your cat eyeliner look underneath the bottom lash line and extend the wing up. This will not only make your bottom lashes stand out, but will also create an elongated eye look and who doesn't love that?"