A free way to seriously step up your morning beauty routine.
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Recently I wrote about the life-saving (well, eye-saving) power of the Bliss "Eye Do All Things" hydrating eye gel during allergy season. The formula really does help de-puff and brighten, and it's a whole lot less tedious than waiting it out or uncomfortably holding a rapidly melting ice cube to the face. Not only that, but it dispenses from a metal roller ball, which feels cool to the touch and provides a nice little pick-me-up face massage. I have a feeling I'll be using it year-round, even after allergy season fades away (IF it ever fades away) and I can return to my blissfully bright-eyed mornings.

If all this allergy suffering has brought any good, it's definitely A) the fact that I'm finally using an eye cream (hi, mom!) and I've discovered my new favorite beauty trick. It turns my rental bathroom into a spa (well I mean, if you close your eyes and really put the imagination to work) and my current beauty routine into something worth making time for (ahem, like actually cutting off Netflix before the "Are you still watching?" cue).

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It's as simple—and free!—as popping my eye cream back into the fridge when I'm done with it every time. I've been using it morning and night (because again, desperation), so once my face is washed I run down there and dab on a few dots before resuming the rest of my routine and let me tell you: that cool, cool roller ball straight out of the fridge is better than anything else that comes ice-cold, be it a Coca-Cola, iced tea, or margarita.

I've even read that keeping your beauty products in fridge can make the application more effective or extend the shelf-life of the product. While those both remain to proven, the fantastically cooling, soothing feeling of 38-degree eye cream is enough to keep me returning to the fridge for more than a midnight snack.