Big, bold brows for all.

By Wesley Shaw
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In case you've been living on a remote island for the past few years, blissfully unaware of current events (in which case, we envy you just a smidge), we've got breaking news for you: brows are everything right now. We're talking bigger than rose gold. Bigger than athleisure. And even bigger than avocados (oh yes, even avocados). Truly, no one is exempt from the brow-volution, and for that we are very thankful. However, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, which is where we step in. Though we do envy a good bold brow, we're not talking about those eye-popping, heavily painted, bless-your-heart brows we've all politely ignored from time to time. We're talking about the feathery, natural looking brows that have recently been credited with striking years off of your age. In order to save us all from a well-intended, awkward brow intervention with our best girlfriends, we felt it was our duty to play referee. Here are our best tips for attaining the perfect brows you've dreamed of in the most natural of ways.

WATCH: 6 Steps to Perfect Brows

Start with a Clean Palette.

Nothing gets you looking like a hot mess express faster than filling in unruly brows with stray hairs over here and patchy spots over there. If your brows lean on the sparse side, do your prep work by applying a growth-promoting formula to your clean, dry face before bed nightly. On the contrary, whether or not you were overly blessed with naturally thick brows, it's just as important to make a routine of professional waxes to maintain a workable shape. Feel free to tweeze stray hairs here and there between appointments, but leave the real shaping work to the professionals.

Select the Right Materials.

Tweezers? Check. Brow pencil? Check. All done, right? Wrong. Although the aforementioned are the crux of creating brow perfection, the devil's truly in the details.

When choosing a brow pencil, we recommend those with lighter colored hair going one shade (read: only one shade) darker in pigment, while darker colored hair warrants one shade lighter. All hair colors can benefit from selecting formulas with cool undertones to avoid unnatural (and unflattering) orangey shades. The same goes for brow pomades, which are our secret weapon against sparse areas. A tip when you're in a pinch? A clean pair of cuticle clippers can double as tweezers without flaw.

Here's our power lineup of tools tested and proven to hold up to the job:

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Fill In.

Start by brushing your brows out with the wand attached to your brow pencil (this especially applies for those with naturally thick brows!) to create some guidelines. Before jumping in, keep in mind the that inner portion of your brows should line up with your nostrils, with the tails not extending beyond the angle from the bottom of your nose to the outer corner of your eye.

Begin with the pencil, mimicking strands of hair with your brush strokes. Take your time and step back to review your masterpiece-in-progress before applying more product—remember that it's much easier to add product than to take away once you've gone a step too far. Once the shade is just right, fill in sparse areas and create clean lines on the top and bottom of your brows with your small angled brush and pomade.

Pro Tip: If your filling in has gotten a little out of hand, simply apply a small dot of concealer to your brow bone to create clean lines and offer a flattering highlighting effect.