[Hint: This isn't it.]

Getty Face Shape Diagram
Credit: Ekatrina Druzhinina/Getty Images

Why women will forever be suckers to finding our face shape and body type is a question for the ages, but who are we to judge? We're right there with you, sister, trying to find out if we can pull off blunt bangs one confusing chart at a time. Lucky for us digital beauty site Byrdie shared a diagram that's supposedly the ultimate source for how to figure out your face shape. Still no hope with body type, shucks.

Byrdie's guide consists of a Pinterest-ready card that depicts six different face shapes, each with a celebrity headshot to serve as example. As we know from experience, looking at pictures of Reese Witherspoon with a heart around her face probably isn't going to get us any closer to determining whether aforementioned bangs are a good bet, so Byrdie broke it down for us.

They gave a deep dive into each profile with a description of defining features, whether it's a narrow hairline (diamond), wider cheekbones (round), or proportionate facial length and width (square). You'll also discover a few more celebs that happen to share a similar profile, a great help when you start researching cut styles that'll work with your newly determined face shape.

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Hop on over to Byrdie and pin their face shape calculator so the next time you ask yourself that all-important question, "what is my face shape," you'll finally have an answer.