Are you one of them?

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Tips for how to apply mascara, they're everywhere and all claim to be the best. Wiggle the wand, don't pump the applicator in the bottle, two coats in quick succession, the list goes on. So, we're not saying this little trick will change your life (or your lashes), but it is one to try with relatively little to lose. We're talking about bending your mascara wand, and there a few specific reasons why you should give it a try.

The benefit of curling your wand is the added control it provides. You should find that your strokes are a bit more precise and the mascara-smudge incidents are reduced. Some brands have curved wands already, but bending your brush with a severe 90 degree angle could make all the difference if your smudge-prone.

If you want to commit to this technique, invest in a bag of disposable mascara wands. You can pick up a pack of 100 wands for under $7 on Amazon (bonus: they're Prime eligible). Depending on the thickness and material of the wand that came with your mascara, you might be able to bend it in order to give this technique a try before adding 100 wands to your beauty stash. Waste not, want not, we always say.

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What's your best trick for how to put on mascara? When it comes to eyeliner, mascara, blush, brows, and more, we're always looking for the latest tricks to add to our repertoire.