Lady to lady, this is everything we wish our older sisters had taught us.

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When I was in 5th grade receiving "the talk" from our teachers (you know the one), our teachers made sure to cover all the bases on self-care. From telling a friend when she could benefit from a little "freshening up" in the deodorant department to proper makeup application, one piece of well-intentioned advice that still reigns true is this: you'd always rather someone say, "you look pretty today" as opposed to "your makeup looks pretty today." We were always taught that makeup was meant to enhance—not to stretch the truth too far. But gosh darn it, as Southern women we love our false eyelashes. We know good and well that when it comes to looking and feeling our best, nothing gives us that boost of confidence quite like romantic, feathery lashes. But alas, as everything goes, they must be applied in moderation. There is no such thing as street corner chic, y'all. When it comes to applying false eyelashes, here are a few cardinal rules to keep in mind.

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Select the right lash.

When selecting your false eyelashes, this is one area where we recommend splurging a bit. (Not to worry — this affordable lash glue, on the other hand, will do just the trick!) Just as faces with different features call for different amounts of makeup, different eye shapes have their very own set of rules. Beauties with darker skin and more prominent features can hold a thicker, longer lash, while fair skinned, light-haired ladies might fare better with a toned-down, more natural version. Makeup gurus at Sephora are there for a reason—so take advantage of it! (If you've ever had a professional bra fitting at Victoria's Secret, you know how important this is.) Take a few minutes for a (free!) professional consultation to find a perfect pair to match your features and comfort level.

Adjust the lash width to your eye.

Not all eyes are created equal, and we'll be darned if we let you think false lashes are made on a one-size-fits-all spectrum. You must adjust your falsies to match the width of your own lash line. A simple way to do this is to hold up the lashes to your eye, pinch the overhanging amount, and clip away the excess with a small beauty utensil such as cuticle clippers. Pro tip: If you're feeling overwhelmed by thick lashes fanning from inner to outer corner, snip those babies in half and only apply to the outer corner of your eyes to ease into things.

Apply eyeliner before and after.

For the most precise line to blend your falsies into your lash line, we recommend liquid eyeliner in the darkest shade you can find. Although liquid liners can be a bit tricky and require a steady hand, practice makes perfect to master a truly covetable cat eye. Line your eyes before applying your falsies, and then be sure to go back and touch up over them for a seamless blend of color.

Avoid a mess!

Speaking of tricky liquid eyeliner, the best way to avoid making a mess out of your work of art is to use tweezers (very carefully) to place your falsies on your eyelids. The thought of smudging the perfect cat eye at the fault of our own fingertips makes us cringe. Pro tip: Wait a few seconds after applying glue to your lashes for them to become tacky, then apply to forgo a sticky mess.