Ever Since I Started Using Honest Beauty's Mascara, It's All I Recommend to My Family and Friends

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Honest Beauty Extreme Lash Mascara + Primer
Photo: Honest Beauty

There's one thing all Southern women can agree on: There's power in a good mascara. We review a lot around here, which means we can sound off on the mainstays, the luxury buys, and even the gimmicky (yet, surprisingly effective) varieties without batting an eyelash. In fact, we've seen so many mascaras over the years that our staff of beauty editors was getting rather hard to please; the list of nonnegotiables too long. But then, Honest Beauty's Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer entered our lives and it's all we can do to not find a way to naturally bring it into every conversation—beauty-related or otherwise.

Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer hit my radar just before Christmas. I was at a "Favorite Things" holiday party, wherein each partygoer is required to bring three of her favorite things for swapping. The most popular gift that night was none other than Honest Beauty's dual-sided wonder. I ended up with a Christmas lights phone charging cord, an amazing lip balm, and a bottle of artisanal honey, all three of which have brought me endless joy, so no complaints there. When I made it back to the office the next day though, I promptly reached out to Honest Beauty's publicist to try and get my hands on a tube of what had been described the night before as the new Holy Grail of mascaras, she delivered and so did that little white tube.

Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer has a dual-sided wand. One end is for coating lashes in primer, which has a white balm-like consistency, and the other is used to comb on mascara. A tip given to me during the party was to allow enough time for the primer to dry prior to sweeping on mascara. After that, it's just one coat for super-stretched out lashes. Apply two if you really want to go for the drama.

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There are a few things you can feel good about each time you get to swiping. First, the $16 price point. Anyone else have a hard time shelling out the big bucks for a tube that needs replacing every couple months? Then, of course, there's the Honest Standard that ensures each of the brand's products meet their own strict guidelines. In this case, it means their mascara is formulated without silicones, parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, and paraffins. It's a pretty tall order creating a clean mascara that stays puts, builds volume and length, and comes at a drugstore-level price. Lucky for us, Honest Beauty made it happen.

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