If you've ever wanted plumper lips but won't go near a needle, here's how you can get them.

Lady Applying Lipstick With A Brush

1. Exfoliate—Not only is regular lip exfoliating a good practice because it makes your lips soft, smooth, and in the best condition for lip color application, it can also temporarily plump them. Exfoliating stimulates blood flow and causes your lips to look fuller. There are a variety of great products available, including our favorite classic, Mary Kay's Satin Lips. Or you can even create your own natural exfoliating lip scrub with a tablespoon of brown sugar and a drop of honey.

2. Create A Blank Canvas with ConcealerConcealer has proven handy in more than just one way. One of our favorite uses is as a lip primer. Using it as a base before lipstick does a few important things. First, it helps lipstick last much longer. Secondly, it allows you to extend your lip line. With a lip brush, paint concealer just barely on the outside of your natural lip line. This ensures the color difference in your skin and lips doesn't alter the intensity of your lip color and will help create a barrier to keep color in place.

3. Put Your Liner To Work—Like concealer, liner can help you extend your lip line and serve as a barrier for your lip color. With the same technique used for concealer, outline your lips just outside your natural line. When done correctly, this tricks the eye into seeing larger lips. It's important not to overdo it, though. Subtly is absolutely key when faking larger lips.

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4. Be Strategic With Color—Ever heard that you should paint a small room white if you want it to look bigger? The reason is that light colors reflect more light and create the illusion of a larger area. Similarly, using a lighter lipstick can have the same effect on your pout. You can even take that thought a step further. Try using two shades of lipstick instead of just one. Pick your favorite color, then find a shade that is a half-step lighter. After you've applied both your concealer and lip liner fill lips in with the darker color. Next, apply the lighter color to the center third of your lips on both the top and bottom and lightly blend so there is no hard line. Lighter colors "push" or visually expand, while darker colors "pull" or visually contract, and having the two working together will create the illusion of a plumper lip.

5. Finish With a Plumping Gloss—Finally use a plumping gloss to finish your look. These products have ingredients like cinnamon oil or cayenne pepper that cause your lips to swell ever so slightly and make them look larger.