Seeing spots has never looked better.

By Maddy Zollo
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Brunette Woman with Freckles
Credit: ajr_images/Getty Images

Whether you just have a dusting across your nose or a complexion-full of them, freckles are a facial feature that should be embraced—not covered up. Not only do they remind us of summertime, but they're also set us freckled ladies apart from everyone else. We chatted with Streeters's makeup artist, Justine Purdue, about the best ways to show off your spots:

1. Ditch Full-Coverage Foundation

"Foundation can mask freckles and leave skin looking mottled," says Purdue. Instead try a luminous moisturizer, like Garnier's Clearly Brighter Brightening and Smoothing Daily Moisturizer. Only use a bit of concealer to cover-up problem areas. However, if you feel like you can't forgo foundation completely, opt for a super sheer base that lets your dots shine through.

2. Highlight With Creamy Makeup

When it comes to blush, bronzer, and highlighter, choose a cream or liquid formula. They blend better into skin. "Gel blushes and bronzers tend to be my favorite since they leave a lovely stain without covering freckles," explains Purdue. "Powders tend to sit on top of skin and add unnecessary coverage, which is counterproductive to enhancing freckles."

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3. Have Fun With Color

Since you're paring down the amount of face makeup you're wearing, you have the freedom to go bold with a statement-making lip or eye. Don't be afraid a bright red pout or a dramatic cat-eye. Keep in mind if you have freckles around or on top of your lips, use a nude lip liner first to create a precise outline before applying lip color.

4. Add More Freckles

Yes, we're serious y'all: Try using an eyebrow pencil or thin eyeliner that matches your freckles add a little more of a sprinkling or to define your dots more to make them really pop.