If you have uncooperative brows, this one's for you.

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Flower Beauty Take a Brow
Credit: Walmart

I have problem eyebrows. Contrary to what every aesthetician I've ever visited assumes, no, I didn't over pluck as an adolescent. Instead, I inherited blonde, wispy brows that also feature a battle wound from a particularly gruesome case of childhood chicken pox. The result is a bald spot right in the center of my arch, meaning one stray pluck and it's game over. The situation spells disaster and has led me to seek out eyebrow specialists in every city I've called home. Needless to say, I need a strong-holding brow product that keeps every last hair in place, which I found in Flower's Take a Brow – Eyebrow Kit.

You can buy it from Walmart for $16 or via Flower Beauty for $11 though, truth be told, I don't know when or how this powder and wax palette first came into my life. It was fate, if you ask me. I happened upon the kit, which was still wrapped, one day when cleaning out my makeup stash. I neither remember purchasing it or receiving it, but I'm certainly glad to have found it. The tidy compact comes with three shades of brow powder, a brush, and—the pièce de résistance—a brow-taming wax.

To achieve the perfect shaped eyebrow, I start by brushing my brows upward with a small brush at the end of another brow pencil I no longer use. Then, I swipe the brow taming wax over to ensure my arch holds. Next, I follow up with the lightest powder, which I've been using exclusively for the past few months, though the medium shade might also work for my blonde brows once I start to run out of the ashier hue.

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If you don't need quite as much filling-in, you can reverse the order of application for less impact. Apply the powder first, then set with the wax. Give this $11 quad a try—it's a bargain and I guarantee it will become a mainstay in your beauty bag.