Easy tweaks to get your arches back in A+ shape.

Woman Tweezing Her Eyebrows
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No matter how many times you've done your own eyebrows, there's always the teeniest bit of hesitation before picking up a pair of tweezers. For me, cringe-worthy visions of my seventh-grade classmate who shaved off her brows after losing a fight with tweezers dance through my head. While that horror story is on the extreme end of the spectrum, arch mishaps do happen—even to the most careful Southerners. So what do you do if you run into a brow blunder? First, don't make any rash decisions like my old friend did (and whatever you do, never reach for razor). Then, follow this advice from celebrity eyebrow expert, Joey Healy.

The Brow Blunder: You Over-Plucked

Got a little too tweezer happy? As soon as you realize you've overworked your brows, stop what you're doing immediately. "Your natural instinct will be to try to fix it, but don't," says Healy. "Keep your hands off your eyebrows for a solid month and fix the mistake with pencil or powder to cover it." If you over-plucked years ago and the hairs still don't seem to be growing back, invest in a brow serum that encourages regrowth.

The Brow Blunder: They're Uneven

As the saying goes: Your brows are sisters, not twins. Nearly everyone has asymmetric arches, so you'll make yourself crazy attempting to make them identical. "If one brow is higher than another, the one thing not to do is to take anything off the top of it. Never sacrifice the good brow for the bad brow," explains Healy. "Instead, try combing the hairs on the lower one upwards to create an illusion of height." He also suggests doing small tweaks, like softly filling in just the center of the eyebrow or using it to lengthen the ends, with a pencil or powder.

The Brow Blunder: Your Arches Are Too Light

Sometimes light-hued eyebrows can disappear into skin. Unfortunately, trying to darken up their appearance with brow powder alone can make the blonde hairs look like they are sitting on top of the deposited color. Instead use a tinted brow gel or consider a professional treatment. "Eyebrow tinting is really transformative," says Healy, noting that you should seek out a trained brow expert, not a hair salon, for the best results.

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The Brow Blunder: They're Unruly

If your arches seem to have a mind of their own, get them in line with a little trim. Healy suggest cutting them one hair at the time by snipping each right at its elbow (where it kinks). Then use a clear brow gel, like his Brow Structure Clear Set, to smooth them down and lock everything in place.

The Brow Blunder: Short Eyebrows

Your eyebrows should extend from the corner of your nose to the end of your outer eye, so if you're on the shorter side use a pencil or powder to lengthen their look. Also, if your arches' tails need a little extra oomph, try tinting them since the color may make baby hairs more visible.

The Brow Blunder: Over-Filling Them

Full, healthy brows are all the rage these days, but don't overdo by over-filling them. "Go light on product and choose a shade that matches your brow color. And remember, it's all about enhancing: Don't draw an entirely new shape and try to fill it in," advises Healy. "It's better to look a little underworked than tortured."