The Eyeliner Trick That Will Instantly Give You Fuller Lashes

The subtle technique that we're all about right now.

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Our younger selves would be stunned to learn that the best way to get fuller-appearing lashes isn't three to four coats of Great Lash followed by painstakingly separating each hair. Instead, the key to lashes with extra oomph is a light hand, but we're not talking mascara this time. Instead, it's all about the liner, and this technique will make application easier than ever.

Women the world over have been in pursuit of the definitive technique for how to apply eyeliner for generations. Some swear by liquid liner, while others will have nothing but their trusty pencil (with a sharpener always within reach). Eyeliner styles vary from the smoky, smudged look favored by many to the distinctively linear style that's the pride of women who put a great stake in their steady hand.

When the whole eyeliner ordeal is too much to handle, we've opted for the natural take, then silently waged war on our vanity mirrors for having led us to believe we should stray from our classic more-is-more mentality. Natural eye makeup is one tough cookie, but we've found the secret. We're here to shake up your technique of applying liner above the lashes instead of lining just under the top lash line, also known as tightlining. This subtle trick can give the appearance of a thicker lash line, which means you'll be one step closer to bringing that vanity mirror back into your good graces.

How To Apply Liner Above Your Lashes

What You'll Need:

We recommend using a black liquid liner (like Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner) to apply.

Eye Liner Steps

  1. Gently pull the side of the eyelid and gaze down at the mirror.
  2. Use tiny strokes to apply the liner from one end of the lashes to the other. Don't extend the line all the way to the center of the eye. Just focus on the thicker part of the lashes.

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Give lashes a coat of mascara, and you'll suddenly have a naturally thicker lash line—but just how you gave this illusion will be our little secret (wink, wink).

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