And we're not talking about extensions, y'all!
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Long, voluminous eyelashes never go out of style. While most of us only need a few coats of mascara to put our best fringe forward, there are some women that need a little extra help. Luckily, there are so many ways to plump up lashes these days—from serums to falsies to extensions. However, there's a new crop of in-salon treatments that are worth the splurge. We chatted with Shellyann Bainlardi, owner of The Lash Loft in New York City about the different options available to elevate your eyelash look:

Eyelash Tint

Who It's Great For: Anyone who wants to darken up light or blonde-colored lashes.

How Long It Lasts: Two to Three Weeks

What It Does: A lash tint adds color to your fringe using a natural vegetable based dye. "It's a safe and quick treatment that allows you to go without mascara for several weeks," says Bainlardi. You can wear mascara, but it is unnecessary.

Eyelash Perm

Who It's Great For: Women whose lashes are stick straight and can't hold a curl.

How Long It Lasts: Three to Five Weeks

What It Does: "It uses a perming solution to curl your lashes and hold them in the position that you prefer," explains Bainlardi, so go ahead and ditch your eyelash curler.

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Eyelash Lift

Who It's Great For: Anyone who wants a complete eyelash overhaul. It's also an ideal alternative for someone who has been using extensions, but doesn't like the maintenance.

How Long It Lasts: Six to Eight Weeks

What It Does: It's a keratin-infused combination of a lash tint and a lash perm. "It enhances your natural lashes by turning them upwards and adding tint—this gives you the appearance of longer and thicker lashes," says Bainlardi. So what's the difference between a lift and extensions? It only treats the lashes you have, which allows for easier care. It's good option if you can't part with your mascara, have an active lifestyle that tends to disrupt extensions, or if you're traveling and don't have time to come in for regular lash touch-ups.