First of all, put the tweezers down.

By Patricia Shannon

We know our necks can give us away, but we haven't given much thought to what our eyebrows are saying about our age. Turns out, they're quite the chatty Cathy. If you think your brows are doing your age a disservice, rest assured, you don't have to go to extreme measures for the fix (no microblading or tattooing needed, thankfully). All you need is a light hand, a good shape, and maybe a hint of tint to start turning back the clock. Here, we're breaking down the three ways your brows are making you look older—and how to fix it.

Uh Oh: You Went Too Thin

Remember those ultra-thin brows that the defined the 90s? We can probably all agree they didn't look great. Thank goodness the beauty industry has come a long way in the range of products we can now use to camouflage the repercussions of that sparsely browed decade. Now that we've reached a certain age, the thin brows of yesteryear might actually be making you look older than you are. Instead of surrendering to a life of bad brows, go ahead and fill ‘em in, ladies, and watch the clock turn back—seriously, you won't believe the impact a fuller brow can have. Here's our no-fail trick for getting the job done.

Uh Oh: You've Got Some Grays

You've embraced your silver strands with a sleek bob that's the envy of your sister-in-law, but brows are one thing that you might not want to leave up to nature. A good brow tint will do wonders for brightening and youth-ifying your look. Just be sure you don't go too dark, which leads us to our final point…

Uh Oh: You Got a Little Heavy Handed

Super dark eyebrows that don't work with your skin tone or hair hue? That's not going to help you get that youthful look. Take it down a notch by going a shade or two lighter on your brow pencil or powder. Stick to short strokes as you apply for the most natural look.