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Peet Rivko Face Oil
Credit: Peet Rivko Face Oil

Even skin tone is the kind of result that product labels list the same way basketball players just throw out phrases like "we ran the ball" and "knew our plays" in post-game interviews on ESPN with Doris Burke. Well enough, but what does any of that really mean?

While I've never dealt with severe blotchiness or hyperpigmentation, I have a typical amount of scarring and some uneven spots mostly on the sides of my face. The products I used addressed it to what I thought was the most that could be done minus shooting lasers at my skin or seeing a dermatologist I can't afford.

I had seen it mentioned on a few beauty blogs, mainly touted as a company started by Johanna Peet, a friend of the actress Aubrey Plaza, also fan of the company. While her portrayal of April Ludgate was one of my favorites on Parks and Recreation, I'm more of a sap for great packaging design and ingredient simplicity. With a label that looks like a piece of minimalist art and that listed only organic avocado oil, jojoba seed oil, prickly pea seed oil, and vitamin E.

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After using at night for three or four days, I looked in the mirror one morning and entered a mild form of skincare shock. I'm not an easily impressed person, but apparently, I had been living a lie, unaware of what even skin tone actually looks like. I felt like I had an Instagram filter in real life. Since then I rarely unscrew the top of my concealer, a product I would have been hard-pressed to relinquish before. Now, I apply quick swipe of Kiehl's BB Cream with SPF 50 plus Glossier's Wowder around my nose, and I'm good to go for the day.

The best part? Peet Rivko's oil isn't the kind of product you have to save up for and carry with a heavy load of guilt across the Sephora parking lot. At just $56 compared the hundreds other effective oils cost and enough to last at least three months, you can make the results a regular event and the easiest part of your routine.