An at-home manicure that won’t smudge? Coming right up.

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Here’s to all the ladies who are painting their nails on the morning commute, in the office at lunch, or in the Uber on the way to their girlfriend’s birthday. Often unsuccessfully. Just in time for the busy holiday season, your wish is Essie’s command.

If you’ve ever found yourself an hour before a dinner party, date night, or work event before realizing you never made it to the nail salon—and your talons are beyond chipped and, er, unpleasing to the eye—you’ll be excited to meet Essie’s newest drop: Essie Expressie. 

Likewise if you’re someone who doesn’t like to paint your own nails because you can’t bear to sit around useless for an hour (at least!) to ensure no chips or smears, or even if you merely get bored with your nail color after a week, you’ll find a new best beauty friend in Essie Expressie. Here’s why.

This new formula offers the previously unattainable: a quick-dry manicure that swipes on easily with an angled brush and dries in 60 seconds flat. I’ll repeat: 6-0 seconds. One minute. Like brush-your-teeth fast or send-a-selfie-to-your-mom fast.

It comes in 40 fresh colors—ranging from dreamy “dirty pink” Trend & Snap to warm clay-bronze Misfit Right In to festive shimmering magenta Mic Drop-It-Low—that round out your classic shades quite nicely. Each color goes on smoothly and dries to creamy, opaque, glazed finish.

What’s better: Today (and today only, folks!) you can get any of the $9 shades at 25% off as part of Target’s Cyber Monday beauty deals. That clocks in around $6.75, which means you’re getting a whole lot of future quick-drying manicures for chump change.

If every at-home manicure ends up in utter disaster, first follow these tips. Second, switch to Essie Expressie, stat. We recommend starting with the easier take on Ballet Slipper, Crop Top & Roll, and blackened burgundy staple, Not So Low-Key. Go ahead, throw it in your purse for on-the-go touch-ups. It can handle it.

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It’s time to pair your holiday sweaters with a hot new manicure that dries quicker than you can sing, “Jingle Bells!”