This Under-$20 Facial Ice Roller Is a Bloat-Busting Miracle for My Puffy Eyes and Face

It’s raked in over 16,000 Amazon reviews.

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As someone who has repeatedly and intentionally dunked my face into ice water for the sake of my skin on especially tired-looking mornings, the rise in popularity of trendy facial rollers was a welcome sight to my puffy eyes. Out of all the various skin-rolling tools, the ice roller is what caught my attention. It was like an ice-water bath, but way easier and low-maintenance. All it needs is to be kept in the freezer until the need for waking up the face strikes.

Beyond the cold sensation sending a jolt of faux caffeine to the complexion, ice rollers can also help in reducing puffiness and bloat from the face. Say, after a night of eating sodium-packed sushi or having one too many Ranch Waters at girls' night? Perfect occasions for the morning-after ice-rolling session. When it comes to that, I turn to my favorite under-$20 ice roller from Amazon.

There are fancy and flashy ice rollers out there, but this affordable one has always delivered. It gets the job done on a budget, and my wallet prefers going to youth-boosting serums and collagen-packed moisturizers, anyway. An ice roller can be used to cover both post-sodium bloat and genetic puffiness, but it's also great for massaging the face to appear more sculpted, as well.

When using the ice roller, make sure to direct it in upward motions in order to stimulate lymphatic drainage, which is what helps de-puff. Aim upwards on the jawline and cheeks, as well as the forehead. Then, focus on directing the motion downwards on the neck afterwards to keep helping along the lymphatic drainage.

I'm no facialist, but the noticeable results don't lie. The ice roller can work some quick magic before an event or morning meeting. Cheekbones—they were there the whole time! Who knew?

Shop my favorite ice roller below, plus two others I've been eyeing.

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Esarora Ice Roller for Face and Eyes

Best Facial Ice Rollers

Keep in freezer, and run under water before gliding over face. (Additionally to debloating skin, this is great for soothing sunburns and cooling off on a hot day.)

BUY IT: $18.99;

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Heywukun Ice Sphere for Face

Best Facial Ice Rollers

You can infuse this DIY ice roller with good-for-your-skin ingredients like aloe vera juice or cucumber.

BUY IT: $13.99;

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Skin Gym Ice Coolie Roller

Best Facial Ice Rollers

This stainless-steel ice roller glides even more smoothly over the skin, making sure you're not tugging your skin.

BUY IT: $30;

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