If ever there was the right time for this fragrance, it's right now.
Elizabeth Arden White Tea Mandarin
Credit: Elizabeth Arden

Imagine if everyone you met suddenly felt an innate sense of warm and fuzzy kindness. That’s the aim of Elizabeth Arden’s upcoming fragrance, White Tea Mandarin Blossom—and we have to say, it couldn’t come at a better time. It’s bottled Southern charm, and it’s exactly what we want to be wrapped in now and when these times of physical distancing are over.

Elizabeth Arden wants this to be your new simple pleasure. Like the book you just can’t put down, freshly laundered sheets, and even the new pastimes you’ve taken up during this stay-at-home time. White Tea Mandarin Blossom, launching mid-April, is the scent that will encourage you to continue finding ways to incorporate simple pleasures into your day, regardless of circumstance.

An extension of the original Elizabeth Arden White Tea fragrance, White Tea Mandarin Blossom still delivers the delicate notes of white tea paired with citrusy top notes from mandarin, lemon, and bergamot. At the heart is a blend of white tea, jasmine, neroli, and orange flower that’s followed by a warming base of musk, cedarwood, and velvety smooth ambrox.

“To create White Tea Mandarin Blossom, I wanted to encapsulate a feeling of vibrancy and happiness—of experiencing a moment of energy completely taking over you.” –Perfumer Gil Clavien on his inspiration for White Tea Mandarin Blossom.

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There are so many lessons that can be learned from this shared experience we’ve found ourselves in, but maybe one silver lining is that we’re setting our sights on caring more for ourselves and those we love and finding the joy in the everyday—even if it’s just a splash of perfume.