Maintaining your mop can be a pricey endeavor. Not only do you have to fork out big bucks at the salon for a perfect cut and color, but products can be expensive. When you have shampoo, conditioner, and styling products, the price can add up quickly. Stop the expensive cycle and check out these four drugstore alternatives that give high-end results. A Conair Worldwide Travel Dryer is perfect for the gal on the go. The device is dual voltage and folds into itself for an easy storage. Ionic technology keeps your hair smooth and bouncy for $30. Mane 'n Tail was originally created for horses, but it actually gives human hair a shiny, smooth appearance. Both their shampoo and conditioner are gentle and won't strip dyed hair. Use the product once a day and your hair will be as thick as an equine for $14. Old Spice Pomade gives fly-aways a run for their money. The product works well on both men and women and instantly makes you look sleek. Create piecey layers or design a great short hair silhouette for $7. A Wet Brush unknots tresses without damage. Use it right after the shower or on dry hair without worrying about static. All hair types and ages can use this product for $8. Investing in a great haircut and color is important, but with these drugstore bargains, you can save money on styling at home. You'll look chic and still have money left over for your morning coffee with these products in your bathroom.