The highly blendable, full-coverage formula comes in a range of 30 inclusive shades.

By Patricia Shannon
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DOSE of COLORS Concealer Launch
Credit: DOSE of COLORS

We ask a lot of our concealer. It needs to cover the circles, camouflage the bags, blend effortlessly, stay put, and come in a range of colors that's inclusive of every skin tone. Even if it checks all of these boxes, so help us if it has a greasy-feeling finish. In that case it's straight back to the drawing board (or beauty aisle) we go. For some it can be a lifelong journey, always searching for that holy grail coverup. The options are endless with tubes launching monthly that promise to be your new go-to. We've tried many of them but have found that the results are often uninspiring and more easily described as "just okay." The exception to the rule arrived on my desk earlier this week. It's DOSE of COLORS Concealer ($24) and it's a delight.

Shade inclusivity is a hot topic in the beauty industry and rightly so. For too long the range offered by many foundations and concealers followed the same kind of patterns as the fashion industry's small-medium-large sizing—now you tell me how women of every shape can be categorized into only three different sizes. This isn't The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, people. DOSE of COLORS got that memo. Their new concealers come in 30 different colors, which are broken into six different complexion categories: fair, light, light medium, medium tan, dark, and deep.

I have fair skin and have become so accustomed to being the lightest shade that I automatically asked DOSE of COLORS to just send me the lightest hue they had to offer. The brand rep sent me a tester palette instead. Okay, I thought, but probably an unnecessary step. Turns out it was so necessary. Inclusive brands are changing the range of options as we know them so, before you assume you're 18 Medium-Tan, 27-Deep, or (in my case) 01-Fair, go ahead and try a free Foundation Sample Card. While it's not specifically made for the new concealers, it will help you get a more general idea as to your DOSE of COLORS shade. Otherwise, shade match in person when the concealer hits Ulta stores on October 13.

A few thoughts on the formula: It's highly blendable with a non-sticky, full-coverage finish (even when I skipped my makeup primer). Plus it's an expert multitasker—like a few Southern women we know. "As a full-time working mom who is always on the go, I often rely on the power of concealer," says DOSE of COLORS founder Anna Petrosian. "Depending on the shade, it can be used to conceal, brighten, and sculpt. I also use it to prime and even out my eyelids before I apply shadow."

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The formula goes on easy thanks to a rather large doe-foot applicator, but you'll want to be sure not to go too heavy handed. Petrosian warns that over-concealing can cause the face to lose dimension (i.e. disappearing cheekbones). A little bit goes a long way.