Photo Liza McCorkle/Getty Images

From pies to casseroles to fries, sweet potatoes can be sliced, diced, and served every which way. This vitamin-rich veggie is also a DIY lover's dream since it's as versatile as a beauty treatment as it is as a cooking ingredient. Our favorite way to use it? As a conditioning hair mask.

Before you think we're officially off our rockers by telling you to take a potato into the shower, first check out the hair-beautifying nutrients that can be found in just one sweet potato: Vitamin A boosts your scalp's natural oils so it acts as a moisturizer and promotes hair growth (a.k.a. longer, stronger locks); Omega-3 fatty acids add luster and shine by nourishing hair follicles; Vitamin C strengthens and thickens strands.

So with holiday party season in full swing (hello updos and hot tools!), this at-home treatment is an easy and affordable way to keep your hair healthy, shiny and full.

Sweet Potato Hair Mask 1. Puree a 1/2 of sweet potato 2. Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of honey 3. Stir in 1 tablespoon of coconut oil 4. Apply the mixture to damp hair in the shower 5. Let it sit for 10-to 15-minutes 6. Rinse out, then shampoo and condition thoroughly