Dior Lip Glow Oil Will Cure Your Winter Blues

Here's how to upgrade your lip balm habit, for good.

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Dior Lip Glow Oil in Pink
Photo: Dior

Our Southern weather patterns are a fickle thing; one day I'm pulling out the Lilly for church on Sunday, the next I'm bundled up heading to the office in tights, a vest, and a parka. It wreaks havoc on the skin (and sinuses—if you aren't aware). I've got no fix for the sniffles that I can't seem to shake, but my dull, dry lips? You bet I've got that covered.

If you've never tried a lip oil before, you'll be spoiled from the gate with Dior Lip Glow Oil. I've tried a few formulas in the past that have led me to steer clear. The lip oils I'm used to tend to fade fast, wind up seeping and smudging, and aren't nearly as moisturizing as I was led to believe by the promises on the packaging. To put things simply: They not recommendable.

Dior Lip Glow Oil is another story. It comes in six colors making it something of a gloss-oil hybrid. Each hue is designed to enhance your natural lip color. The day Lip Glow Oil arrived on my desk my complexion was having a case of the dulls and my lips were of no help, instead just camouflaging in with the rest of my skin. I needed some life, and Dior's shiny little tubes brought it. I went for Pink—the lightest shade. It immediately brought my natural color back to my lips but with a little something extra.

The secret is a formula bolstered with Color Reviver Technology, which enables the oil to react to the wearer's individual moisture level, creating a unique color all her own. Five days into continued use, you might notice lips are more vibrant and healthy looking, even when you haven't swiped on a thing.

Once I started talking about this lip oil around the office, the first question I received from one of my most well-versed-in-beauty-products colleagues was, "but isn't it sticky?" Negative. This stuff somehow manages to be non-sticky and stay put. I don't know how that's possible, but somehow Dior managed. It stuck around far longer than any other lip oil I've tried and most glosses. It's also formulated with cherry oil to shield against drying and environmental stressors (i.e. this indecisive weather pattern known as winter in the South). All that, plus an extremely subtle scent that the brand describes as "minty-vanilla." Truth be told, I couldn't place the scent (let's blame the sinuses), but it was lovely just the same.

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Pro Tip: Don't whip that applicator out of the tube with wild abandon because a string of oil will follow, rendering that shiny little tube a sloppy mess. Remove the wand slowly and gently wipe the brush on the side to remove excess.

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