It was love at first swipe.     
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Dior Concealer
Credit: Courtesy Dior

Let’s begin by saying that I am a drugstore beauty rat. Not a gym rat. Not a coffee shop rat. Not an office cubicle rat. You will find me on the drugstore beauty aisle, way too often to be socially acceptable. By now I know which mascara gives falsie-worthy flutter, which foundation measures up to the good stuff, and which brow gel comes close enough to Benefit Gimme Brow to make it sweat

But every once in a while, a designer beauty product is so noteworthy I’ll shell out the big bucks. For a drugstore beauty rat, if you didn’t know, that’s kind of a big deal. All that to say, when Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer entered my life, I had an identity crisis. Can I still call myself a drugstore beauty rat? 

More often than not, we all want the same thing: to cover up any unsavories (dark circles, redness, dark spots, or blemishes) without looking like we have makeup on at all. However most full-coverage concealers end up drying out my skin, particularly under the eyes, or look a touch too cakey to come off as natural. This one looks more like a second skin, and that’s where it had me hooked.

Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer somehow bridges the gap between totally covering any unevenness in skin tone and those pesky dark under-eye circles (my arch nemesis) without making my skin dry and flaky, wearing off by lunch, or being too noticeable, thanks to skincare-driven ingredients like rosehip extract and wild pansy. 

It’s stretchy and weightless to the point I forget that I have it on. By the second half of my first week testing it, I wasn’t even bothering to put on foundation. 

It’s not just me, either. My friend, who tried it per my request and also has a totally different skin tone and type, called me immediately after her first full day using it and said, “Um, this stuff is magic.” Boom. Vetted. 

The multi-use concealer is almost totally focused on full-coverage complexion correcting (which, hello, foundation), it comes in a tube that’s bigger than your average concealer tube and with more product, and the applicator is big and cushy enough to apply heaping swipes that end up covering all the important stuff. The result: Foundation is more unnecessary than the waitress asking if we want salad or fries with that. Make them extra crispy, hun. 

After applying the formula under my eyes, around my nostrils, and between my eyebrows, I’m set. Blend it out well enough, set it with the tiniest swipe of setting powder (I can’t live without this pore-blurring one from It Cosmetics!), and add optional touches of liquid highlighter like this affordable long-lasting one by NYX to your high points, and forget about it. You’ve got a natural makeup look of the glowiest proportions. 

In case all the hyphens didn’t make it apparent—long-wearing, full-coverage, super-creamy, skin-correcting—it claims a lot. It’s not often that a new product launch lives up to the self-indulgent hubbub, but one swipe of the doe-foot applicator had me convinced—and then had me skipping foundation altogether. 

And all the money you’re saving on foundation makes up for the higher price point. Not bad for a drugstore beauty rat, huh?

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