The magic’s in the makeup.

By Maddy Zollo
May 25, 2018
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Whether they're happy tears, sad tears, or a combination of the two, getting misty-eyed is the quickest way to ruin your beauty look. While waterproof mascara is a serious life-saver, there are additional ways to keep a case of the waterworks under control. We talked with Theresa Stone, an Atlanta-based makeup artist with Bristle+Bride, about how to cry pretty (or at least as pretty as possible!). Her advice: Invest the right beauty products.

Check out these essentials that will get you — and your makeup — through your next wedding, funeral, baby shower, or anything in between:

1. An Eye Primer

If it isn't already, an eye primer should be a permanent step in your summer beauty routine — especially if you can't part with your favorite shadow. Not only will it make application smoother and provide a crease-free finish, but it also keeps the color from running off your lids. "Nars Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base and M.A.C Cosmetics Prep & Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base work wonders on the lid to make shadows stay put," says Stone.

2. Waterproof Liner

Don't let shedding a few tears disrupt your perfectly shaped cat-eye. Try rocking a long-wear liquid formula like Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner ($22, that's designed to stay put.

3. A Concealer/Eye Cream Hybrid

After a more serious sob session, puffy eyes are inevitable. While ice cubes or cold spoons may help, be on the safe side and reach for multi-tasking treatment like First Aid Beauty's Eye Duty Triple Remedy ($36, It has caffeine in it to reduce swelling, a cooling applicator, and its formula is lightly tinted so you can cover up and illuminate any redness or dark bags.

4. Eye Drops

"None are necessarily better for makeup, but some have proved to be better for dry eyes and longer wear such as Systane Soothing Lubricant Eye Drops," advises Stone. Only have Visine? Try to use it sparingly: "Visine works as a quick fix although I don't recommend using on a regular basis since it can cause the redness to actually become worse," she furthers. "And make sure to hold a tissue at the corner of the eye for added protection if makeup is already applied."

5. Nude Liner

Another way to counteract redness is with a touch of nude eyeliner. "This gives you a softer look, makes you look well rested, and makes your eyes appear bigger," explains Stone. Apply it along the eyes' lower waterlines or put a dot of it right below your pupil for an eye-opening effect.

6. A Lash Comb + Curler

A waterproof mascara should keep your fringe looking fresh no matter how hard you cry, but if you feel like your lashes need an extra boost reach for these two tools. Stone suggests using a lash comb to get rid of any clumps followed by a lash curler and another coat of mascara.