Flossing? What a treat.


Bet you never thought you would actually look forward to flossing. Cocofloss set out to change that with their indulgent line of luxury flosses. I know—luxury flosses—I'm rolling my eyes too (much to Mama’s chagrin), but this stuff is kind of a game changer if you ask me.

Up until this point, my floss inventory has been limited to the free samples I pick up at the dentist every 6 months. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve spent money on it. That might be changing though. Enter Cocofloss and their gift-worthy (seriously) line of fragranced dental floss.

Remember when you first discovered mint-flavored floss? It was a new frontier. Our smiles were suddenly seeing peak-level freshness. If you were anything like me, you suddenly wouldn’t even consider the non-flavored versions.

Now, brace yourself for a brand new tier of oral care that calls on a dentist-designed string that’s not smooth and flat like the floss you used to know but, instead, a textured, plaque-scrubbing polyester that’s infused with coconut oil to soothe gums. It sounds good already, but this is where the brand is really hooking ‘em in: Cocofloss comes in a number of fruity flavors that are as enticing as those adult gummy vitamins. Purists can stick to Delicious Mint or Pure Peppermint, while the bold and daring among us can choose from Fresh Coconuts, Strawberries, or Cara Cara Orange.   

While I love an invigorating flavor profile to really make my flossing habit sing, it’s the packaging that has me grinning. These little cuties are so adorable that you’ll be tempted to leave them on the bathroom counter. 

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Start with a Cocofloss single before graduating to a 3- or 4-piece set, or even a 6-month floss plan.