It's a dress code for your lips.

By Patricia Shannon
October 03, 2019
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Clinique Even Better Pop Lip Color Foundation Lipstick
Credit: Clinique

Let's take the hassle out of finding your ideal lipstick shade, shall we? Many of our favorite colors (whether we're talking nails, lips, cheeks, etc.) are up to preference, sure, but there are some general rules that can be applied when it comes to finding the most universally flattering shades for your complexion. Clinique might just have cracked that code with their just-launched range of lipsticks.

Clinique's new Even Better Pop Lip Colour Foundation ($19.50) utilizes an algorithm based on the Golden Ratio—a universally appealing proportion that can be found in both art and nature. The result is a range of 28 inclusive shades that are designed to act as your full lip wardrobe. Each custom match starts with finding your Clinique Even Better Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15 shade (bonus points if you already know it). Unsure? Head to a Clinique counter to verify your pick. Once you have your shade number, find it on Clinique's three-dimensional color wheel (click here for the light wheel and click here for the dark wheel). The three shades accompanying your foundation are your matches.

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The trio of lipsticks are meant to act as your full lip dress code, as Clinique puts it. A naked shade (lightest), casual shade (medium), and glam shade (darkest) are designed to work for any occasion or mood and come with eight hours of wearability. The satin finish is formulated to condition and moisturize from the start, all while ensuring the pigment doesn't settle into fine lines or flake.