Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk is the Neutral, Everyday Lip Color You've Been Dreaming Of

With two new hues to complement darker skin tones, this cult-favorite shade is more inclusive than ever before.

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As a New Year's Resolution, I decided to wear more lipstick—and when I set my mind to a goal, I go all in. I started the year with a bang, wearing a different shade of red lipstick every day for a week. While the experiment taught me that I can definitely pull off a red lip (as I write, all it takes is a little bit of confidence), I also discovered that I'm not in the mood for such a bold look 24/7. Consistently wearing lipstick made me feel more put-together and polished, but I've since been searching for a more neutral shade for everyday wear.

During my red lipstick trials, I fell in love with Charlotte Tilbury's matte formula (I tried the limited-edition Scarlet Spell and bold Red Carpet Red), so I thought that the tried-and-true makeup brand would be a good place to start my search. From the minute I saw the reviews of Charlotte Tilbury's best-selling shade, Pillow Talk, I knew I'd stumbled upon a winner.

One reviewer gushes that Pillow Talk is "the perfect match to my lip color. It is like it was made for me;" another calls it "the perfect nude that suits all." In fact, according to Charlotte Tilbury, 1 Pillow Talk lipstick is sold every 2 minutes. At first, I doubted whether one lipstick shade could really be a match for so many people—but then I tried it for myself.

I already knew that I was a fan of Charlotte Tilbury's formula (unlike most matte lipsticks, Matte Revolution feels moisturizing and refreshing), but I quickly discovered why so many fans rave about the color. After first trying Pillow Talk on a Monday, I wore it every day that week (including the weekend, when I can barely be convinced to change out of my sweatpants). So it's safe to say that I, too, have hopped on the bandwagon.

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Just as your ever-trusty concealer smooths and balances your skin tone, Pillow Talk lipstick enhances your natural lip color, leaving your lips subtly defined and soft. Against my recently-tanned skin, the rosy matte shade skews more towards a mild mauve, but some reviewers with fairer skin describe the shade as leaning more towards light pink. All in all, it's the no-lipstick lipstick of your dreams.

The romantic blush shade is fresh and feminine, and now, it's more inclusive than ever—Charlotte Tilbury now offers the iconic blush color in two new hues to match darker complexions. For medium skin tones, Pillow Talk Medium delivers a touch of warmth; the deep berry-rose color, Pillow Talk Intense, was engineered to complement darker skin tones.

Fans love these colors so much that Charlotte Tilbury has just released a whole Pillow Talk collection that includes a whole variety of products, from lip liner and gloss to blush or an eye kit. Or you can treat yourself to a full bundle of all the Pillow Talk looks.

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