Take it from these smudge-prone pearly whites.

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If you've been banished to a realm of clear balms due to teeth with a penchant for stealing your lip color, you're not alone. Here at SL, we've been on the hunt for a smudge-proof bullet since one of our lipstick-addicted editors took the plunge and committed to a year of Invisalign back in the early fall. Following her first and only run-in with an opaque pink lip-plumping gloss that subsequently coated her aligners almost entirely within minutes (seriously, we've never seen anything like it), she's completely avoided any type of color. Such a sad way to live.

It all changed on Monday afternoon when a box of beauty goodies from Chanel arrived at the office. There were plenty of glosses, brushes, powders, and blushes to ogle over (and did we ever), but it was the Rouge Allure Ink that caught our attention. The liquid lipstick goes on like a slightly matte gloss and finishes in velvety perfection.

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The color we immediately crushed on is called Creatif. It looks fairly hot on the spectrum of pinks, but dries to a more subtle, flushed shade that's perfectly suited to become you new signature. With great hesitation, our editor on the lipstick hiatus gave it a try. Then she tried it again, and again. She's five days in and has become so addicted to her no-smudge smile that she's convinced the rest of us to invest in one of Chanel's $37-a-pop tubes. Don't mind if we do.