Tinted Serum

After Just One Application of This Tinted Serum, My Skin Looks Radiant and Hydrated

It’s totally splurge-worthy.
By Jorie Nicole McDonald
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Let me be super honest for a second. The ever-expanding world of beauty products is intimidating. I can't take a stroll down the makeup aisle without a thousand questions flooding my brain. Does this lip color compliment my skin tone? Is the so-called life-changing "secret ingredient" a marketing ploy to lure me into a purchase? How much is too much finishing spray? And don't get me started on eyebrows. Am I a powder, pencil, or gel girl? Who knows?

Considering the overwhelming selection of makeup products available, I tend to reach for the items that offer a natural look. Which is why the By Terry Brightening CC Serum has quickly become my new favorite beauty find.

It's an illuminating primer that evens out my skin tone and creates a flawless base for my foundation. Although I struggle with chronically dry skin, my complexion is intensely hydrated and visibly brighter after just one application. Infused with rose stem cells, the floral-scented product reminds me of a spa-day facial every time I apply it. This serum is incredibly lightweight, reducing redness with very minimal coverage, so I'm left with glowingly smooth skin without having to hide my natural features. (Say it with me: Let those freckles show!)

Brightening CC Serum
Brightening CC Serum
| Credit: Southern Living

The best part? It's a "you-do-you" application approach. Because the CC serum is so versatile, you can easily create your desired result with very little effort. Wear it alone or use it as a base for your foundation. Prime your entire face or only specific areas where you want a bit of extra shine. And because this product is easily buildable, simply layer it to enhance the result.

In a world where we're bombarded with new makeup marvels to try every day, the multi-purpose products that allow for personalization and adjustment reign supreme. The By Terry tinted serum feels tailor made just for me, and I bet it will for you too.

by terry brightening cc serum
by terry brightening cc serum
| Credit: By Terry

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