How One Mother's Natural Beauty Remedy Inspired an Entire Skin-Care Line for Kids

Sweta Doshi of Bubbsi and her mother
Photo: Courtesy Sweta Doshi

My mother is a natural beauty who likes to keep things simple. Her love of Ayurvedic massages with warm coconut oil for skin inspired me to turn to that when my infant daughter had eczema, which led to the launch of Bubbsi, my coconut oil-based skin-care line for children. Through all the ups and downs I've faced starting a business and being a mom, my mother has been a source of honest feedback, unquestioning support, and pure optimism.
—Sweta Doshi

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Always Polished

Sally Hansen Good. Kind. Pure. in Almond Tan
Robbie Caponetto

"Mom is notorious in our family for painting her nails in the car on the way to a party. She can't stand to be dressed up without manicured nails, so she keeps a bottle of drugstore polish in her bag at all times."

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Deep Condition

Conscious Coconut Not Your Ordinary Coconut Oil Jar
Robbie Caponetto

"She swears that deep conditioning with coconut oil at least once a week keeps gray hair away. I'm trying to integrate this into my weekly routine."

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Cleanse and Moisturize

Sundāri Neem and Burdock Balancing Cream-Gel Cleanser
Robbie Caponetto

"We're both lucky to have pretty clear skin, so we value a no-fuss beauty routine that focuses on moisturizing twice a day and very gentle cleansing. I specifically look for a cleanser with the Ayurvedic ingredient neem."

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Fully Lined

Mary Kay Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen
Robbie Caponetto

"If my mom were stranded on a desert island, I'm pretty sure liquid eyeliner would be the one item that she'd bring."

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Relaxed and Replenished

Bubbsi Whipped Coconut Oil Body Cream
Robbie Caponetto

"I love the coconut oil massages that my mom gives. Our Whipped Coconut Oil Body Cream has all the benefits of that oil without any of the mess, making it perfect for moisture massages."

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