You read that right.

By Patricia Shannon
Brandless New Skincare
Credit: Brandless

If you're anything like us, you've been lamenting over the cost of skincare since that first sign of crow's feet appeared. The cost of eye creams, serums, moisturizers, and even SPF has seemed to skyrocket over the past years, leaving us wondering if our pricey habit is worth the investment. I mean, let's not go overboard here—yes, yes it is—but why does it have to be that way?

Brandless seems to be on the same page. The online retailer is dedicated to combatting industry-wide price surges and upcharges with a strategy that involves skipping the middleman, shipping directly to consumers, and ditching the branding. What they've been able to achieve is an impressive lineup of grocery, health, and beauty items that all clock in at just $3.

As the company has taken off, so has their product assortment. They launched their Beauty Aisle not too long ago and are now adding even more must-haves to the lineup.

Just this week Brandless introduced their first-ever beauty and grooming tools; all for—you guessed it—a price tag of $3 each.

The just-launched collection includes six new clean skincare products consisting of a night cream, facial toner, facial scrub, body butter, lip balm, and foot cream. They also added more scent options that are all derived from natural (never synthetic) fragrances.

Like the rest of the Brandless family of beauty products, all of the new launches are categorized as clean, meaning they're free of more than 400 potentially harmful ingredients including sulfates and parabens, and are cruelty free.

In addition to finally giving us a night cream that won't require a second mortgage, we're also excited about their new line of beauty tools. They sent us a box of goodies to try and we were immediately impressed by the weight of the nail tools. Their sturdy nature had us double checking that $3 price point to ensure these weren't pricing outliers. Of course, we confirmed they're $3 too.

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There is one catch to this $3 bonanza, and that's shipping. The trick is to buy in bulk. You'll want to spend at least $39 so you can qualify for free shipping. With all the snacks, cleaning products, office supplies, and now beauty products Brandless has to offer, we have a feeling you won't have any trouble hitting that mark.