And apparently they're good too


Have you noticed a steady increase in price for some of your favorite beauty items? Yeah, we have too. Turns out, the hidden costs that drive these price markups may be avoidable, at least that's what Brandless believes. They're an online retailer making a splash by slashing prices with a strategy that includes shipping directly to consumers and ditching —you guessed it—the branding. Every product, ranging from a 2-box pack of tissues to a steak knife, retails for $3. The Brandless lineup currently consists of grocery, household, and personal items, along with a relatively new beauty division that's already getting accolades for its price point and, perhaps more importantly, its product quality.

The Brandless Beauty Aisle stocks body washes, lotions, facial skin care, hand soaps, shampoo, and conditioner. The selections are available for a la carte purchase or in a bundle, like the $18 DIY Beauty Bundle (6 ingredients to make you own scrubs, moisturizers, and cleansers) or $9 Lemon Verbena Beauty Bundle (Lemon Verbena Body Scrub, Hand Cream, and Moisturizing Hand Soap). They also have those little things you're constantly forgetting to pick up at the grocery store, like cotton swabs and cotton balls but, unlike the generic versions we typically drop into our buggies, Brandless made these must-haves organic.

Better-for-you and better-for-the-environment is a common thread among all the Brandless offerings, particularly in the beauty arena. None of their health and beauty products are tested on animals and they've banned over 400 ingredients that are deemed to be harmful (like parabens and sulfates) from their stock.

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But, they didn't stop there—they're giving back too. Brandless partners with Feeding America so, each time you shop on a meal is donated through the organization. With a strategy like that, it's easy to see why Brandless is (ironically) making a name for itself.