If you’re anything like us, sometimes your hair just needs a quick beauty pick-me-up. Believe it or not, achieving salon-worthy style at home is easier and quicker than it may seem. We’ve teamed up with the Birmingham-based bloggers at Irrelephant to show you how to get the perfect blowout without a trip to the salon.

Having the right tools on hand will make creating the perfect blowout at home a breeze. Ready to get started on your new go-to hairstyle? Wet your hair, pick up your round brush, watch the video, and get ready to follow these simple steps as you go. You’ll have a beautiful new hairdo in no time. And, the best part? After you’re done, you will be armed with the know-how to recreate this easy, at-home style any time you want.

Step 1: Apply volumizing mousse to the crown of your head. You’ll also need to apply smoothing serum to the midshaft and ends of your hair.

Step 2: Blow dry through your roots roots vertically. Be sure to dry small sections of hair one at a time, focusing on giving your hair lots of volume as you blow dry.

Step 3: Section off your front bangs. Next, grab take a round brunch and roll forward as you blow dry. A round brush is key for this step.

Step 4: Pre-dry the rest of your hair using your hands as you go. You’ll want to get your hair about 90 percent dry before you move to the next step. You do not need for a brush for this step.

Step 5: Section off your hair. Finish drying the rest of your hair with a round brush to achieve a polished blowout look.

Step 6: Finish with some light hairspray to complete the perfect blowout at home.

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