Step away from the Benadryl.

By Katherine Owen
May 10, 2018
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Up until a few weeks ago, I thought I had escaped the terror that is springtime in Alabama. Sure, it's lovely, seeing streets lined with trees come back to life, all while sitting on porches and patios drinking rosé, and in a sundress nonetheless! But the pollen. It's terrible everywhere, not just Alabama, I recognize that. But it's enough to make me Google "careers in Antartica" once a week, from the beginning of April to the end of May. So when I noticed recently that my normal woke-up-like-this puffy eyes were becoming a permanent, round-the-clock look, I became desperate for a fix.

I wandered through Target looking for anything, and I mean anything, from any section, to help. To be quite honest, I wanted to find some menthol-diphenhydramine-caffeine sheet facemask (or maybe in the form of those cute rubbery eye masks??), but, it seems Big Beauty hasn't embarked upon any well-branded crossover collabs with Big Pharma. There's also not much help online (weirdly) aside from say, applying steeped tea bags or like, drinking lots of water, which, OK sure.

After turning over the pharmacy, makeup, AND skincare sections of the store, I was disappointed and, for once in my life at Target, without anything to buy. Only then, the heavens intervened and I stumbled upon the Bliss skincare aisle endcap. Not only was I overjoyed to see the spa brand right there in Target (hellooooo iconic body butters of my youth), they had an eye cream that specifically called out puffiness. (Okay, I know this seems obvious, but go spend 45 minutes on the skincare aisle and let me know the ratio of wrinkle/dark circle fighters to puffiness zappers you find.)

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I literally applied it as soon as I hopped in the car, and maybe it was just the high of a new Target find, but I felt some instant relief. I've started using it both morning and night, and while I'm still sneezing and itching and generally suffering, my eyes are bright and wide-open, folks! The metal rollerball makes the application feel like a trip to the spa, and supposedly, increases circulation.

Pro-tip: keep it in the fridge for an even more intense cooling effect. I don't know if it actually helps appearances at all, but the refrigerated rollerball feels like a gush of cool, pollen-free winter air on sad, puffy, allergy-afflicted eyes.