Save money, shave better.

By Southern Living Editors
Billie Razor

Scanning a pack of razor blades across the self check-out only to see the price tag just might hurt worse than nicking yourself with one of them.

Whether you use three-blade disposables or invest in the moisturizer-enveloped cartridges, there are few options for women that both keep our skin burn-free and our checking accounts full. While men's shaving supplies are less expensive upfront (Seriously, why?), we end up paying for it eventually in the form of unwieldy, rigid blades around our knees.

Men have also benefited from the latest wave of start-ups that provide subscribers with discounted handles, blades, and shaving cream all delivered to their door for a monthly fee. After a brief love affair with Dollar Shave Club, we saw the quality of its materials decline and decided to break up. We met Harry's next, and while we appreciated we could grab an emergency pack of blades at Target if we forgot them on an out-of-town trip, it turned out to be a rocky relationship as the blade wasn't flexible enough to handle the curves of our calves and ankles.

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So you can imagine the chorus of rejoicing when we were introduced to Billie. While it might be inconsequential to the quality of the shave, he's a looker that comes in four on-trend colors that we don't mind displaying in our bathrooms. But beyond appearances, the five blades are circled within a block of ultra-hydrating aloe soap that provides so much comfort and lubrication, you can skip the cream. Plus, the magnetic holder means we have a hygienic spot to keep it until we meet again.

But what really sealed the deal was the price. For $9 a month, we've finally met the one.