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Mix Exfoliate Smooth
Credit: Robbie Caponetto

For some our editors, exfoliation is less of a hygienic practice and more of a personal passion. Removing dead skin cells and uncovering fresher, brighter, smoother skin is satisfying in ways that we normally only feel after accomplishing something much more labor-intensive like reading an entire Donna Tartt novel or making homemade pimento cheese. Lately, we've found some more creative (and easy!) ways to go about exfoliation, and we are here to share them with you.

1. The Salux Nylon Towel: Made in Japan, this over-sized washcloth is like sandpaper for your whole body, yet gentle enough to use on your face. Just wet it down and put a dab of your favorite body wash on it. Somehow it creates illogical amounts of lather and leaves your skin feeling as smooth and soft as biscuit dough. The best parts? It drys so quickly it's almost frightening, and you can buy three of them in Easter egg colors for just $12.

2. Buffing grains: These powders, typically made with finely ground rice, beans, orange peel, and seeds, are easy to mix into your cleanser of choice for extra oomph. While Bobbi Brown and bareMinerals both make versions we love, if you're not loving the price tag, you can get all DIY and make them at home with the help of a high-power blender like a Vitamix. Just take adzuki beans or brown rice, sweet orange peel powder, and/or sea salt and grind them until they're almost the consistency of cornmeal.

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3. Apple cider vinegar and clay: After hearing about it too much to not be curious, we decided to try the strangely labeled (and multicultural?) Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, which is actually a jar filled with powdered calcium bentonite clay from, you didn't see this coming, Death Valley, California. While it might be unfamiliar to use a clay mask that isn't already in paste form, just mix equal parts of the powder with pH-balancing apple cider vinegar and leave on until dry like you otherwise would. The result? The blackhead-free, tightened, radiant skin you deserve because like Beyonce says on T.V., you're worth it.