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By Hannah Hayes
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Woman's Eyelashes
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As a person with comically large eyeballs, mascara isn't something I casually apply. Since my eyes are the most prominent feature on my face, any clumping, spidery ends, or smudging looks all the more noticeable. I don't just become a raccoon with a sub-par formula; I go full on ring-tailed lemur. And while volumizing wands have a propensity for making me more cartoonish than I already am, I'm not interested in the uber-natural J. Crew catalog look for my lashes either.

The general consensus among the beauty product-rating community is that there are two mascaras that fix everything short of your car's transmission issues: Benefit's They're Real and Too Faced's Better Than Sex. In fact, they've been the two best selling items in the eye makeup category on since what seems like the dawn of time.

Cheesy, pandering names aside, I've never seen the myriad promises of either product fulfilled. These two tubes have been around long enough that I've even gone back to them, wondering if I missed something. Conclusion: nope.

Until my most recent discovery, I had been alternating between Tarte's Lash Paint and Lancome's Monsieur Big, which still both have their merits. But, DHC's Double Protection Mascara solves so much mascara-related angst that I almost get angsty all over again thinking about how long I spent not knowing it existed. I do not say such a statement lightly. And, I was skeptical too. Sure, we all read about how much Emma Watson loves it on Into the Gloss, and thought, well, that's nice, but you're Emma Watson. Then I held the tube in my hands, removed the wand, and couldn't fathom how such a tiny brush could possibly do more than leave a thin wash of gray over my lashes.

But it does the complete opposite. DHC's mascara is a ″tubing" formula, which means that it literally encircles each lash in a micro sock of natural looking darkness. Did that make sense? Anyway, it's ultra-buildable meaning you can go as natural or as falsie looking as you please, all while keeping a very believable featheriness and length—especially on frustrating bottom lashes. But perhaps the best part is that you cannot smudge it unless you really try, and even then you won't. Just little bits of the tubes might rub off with furious action.

Great. So, I'll need some industrial solvent-style make-up remover to get it off, you say. Actually, no. While DHC's formula stays almost completely unchanged from morning till night, it easily comes off with warm water, and maybe a smidge of face wash if you've really layered it on. This means you can cry, swim, have allergies, and just generally be a human while not having to worry about your mascara. When is the last time you've been able to do that? For $18, you can easily treat yourself to that liberation.