North Carolina, stand up.

Southern Made Moisturizer Exo Skin Simple

Skincare start-up ads have likely saturated your newsfeed. From nanocurrent devices that train your facial muscles to go against the laws of physics to biodynamic, organic serums that promise to give you everything short of immortality, there is no shortage of products taking advantage of new technology and social marketing.

Perhaps that's why we were skeptical when we saw an ad for Exo Face Perfection Moisturizer. What is the word digital doing in the name of a face cream? Wait, it's made in North Carolina? Promises 95 percent wrinkle reduction? Huh? The $118 price tag made us think twice, but it also guaranteed to replace multi-step regiments so we tried it.

Holy biscuits.

If this is what the North Carolina's Research Triangle has been up to, we want more of what they're having. Not only did this moisturizer nearly erase a multitude of previous concerns from fine lines to dullness to uneven tone, it took only 5 seconds to apply versus the 5 (or more) minutes we normally spend on applying serum, eye cream, and a night moisturizer. How does it do it? While we're still not exactly sure, it's packed with 150 million exosomes, "cells that lock in hydration and radiance while facilitating self-repair to reduce the outward appearance of aging." It's also packed with a surplus of skin-helping seaweed, Vitamin C, and coconut oil.

All that's well and good, but we're more excited about applying some minimalism to our routines and saving a few extra reading minutes before bed.