Why our editors are slathering Glossier's latest product all over our faces.

Glossier Moisturizer

If you aren't a regular reader of Into the Gloss, don't click on that link. You'll need at least three solid hours prone on a comfortable surface to fully indoctrinate yourself in this beauty cult. Whether you know the molecular chemistry behind micellar water or you turn your day look of Vaseline to night with a smidge of mascara, this refreshing, real-talk blog caters to everyone regardless of their shampooing regimen.

Last year, ITG also became a purveyor of an ever-expanding line of git-r-done, light-hearted, yet mega-effective products. We can give anything a try that's developed by the same minds who have debunked the theory Cindy Crawford purchased a Fountain of Youth on the border of Switzerland and have consulted many a woman from France on why they just are.

You've likely seen us mention their Boy Brow, a tinted eyebrow pomade with a tiny spoolie we have formed an irrational attachment to. Other favorites include their Generation G lipstick, the Meryl Streep of lip color with a natural coverage perfect in any role; Haloscope in Quartz, which has dethroned many a time-honored illuminator to become the queen of highlighters; and their Rose Balm Dot Com, which adds floral-scented comfort to any dry patch.

But their latest product drop, Priming Moisturizer Rich, might also be exactly what your skin needs to survive this winter (especially after last week's ice fiascos). A thicker, more luxurious take on their Priming Moisturizer, this dry skin saver also holds many of the benefits and ingredients much pricier creams claim including: Red algae, which sponges up water, acting as a reservoir to deliver moisture to skin hour after hour; Ceramides 3 & 6, oily waxes that naturally occur in skin. that help bind skin cells together, bolstering the skin barrier; five key fatty acids including non-greasy Kukui oil, palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids which help lock in moisture like a waterproof coating; an anti-redness complex calms that boosts stressed skin cells, improving tone and texture—even before you put on makeup; and Murumuru butter, a hard, dense, butter that we combined with shea for a decadent texture that melts into skin without any heavy feeling.

But the best part? It's only $35 and it comes with a page of cheeky stickers. You can find us frosting our faces with this like a layer cake until Spring.