Tell humidity who's boss.


While our neighbors to the North are already talking about PSL and sweater-weather, we know that this warm weather will carry on deep into September. For some of us, a 95-degree Thanksgiving day isn't out of the question.

If this steamy August heat has you looking like an abstract painting by the end of the day, adding a setting spray to your morning routine can buy you hours of looking like the morning dew on a honeysuckle blossom or something else Blanche Devereaux would say.

What is setting spray? While it might sound akin to sealing a ship hull, setting spray adds a shield to keep your look intact and prevent oil, sweat, and humidity from smearing, melting, or running. Perhaps you've seen them in your local Sephora or while running through Top Shelf profiles on Into the Gloss, and thought they were a superfluous addition not worth the gamble.

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Whether you're just rocking a tinted moisturizer (with SPF of course) or having a full-face evening, these three options will not only keep things looking fresh, but prevent you from using up even more of your precious products in reapplications.

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While we can't scientifically attest to this spray's power to ward off free radicals with its included mixture of minerals, we can vouch for its virtue in keeping you looking like a spring chicken in the dog days of summer. From high dew points to summer downpours, a layer of this can keep your face from becoming a slip and slide.

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If you spend any time going in and out of a highly air-conditioned office setting and the sweltering outdoors, you know it can make your skin about as confused as Rose Nylund in 80 percent of the plots in The Golden Girls. This ultra-light spray prevents shine and keeps skin looking glowy with Vitamin C and kiwi extract. We hold a special place in our tote bags for this travel-size option.

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This budget-friendly spray from Drew Barrymore's drugstore line won't drain your bank account, but it will keep your skin matte without drying it out. The best option for anyone who struggles with having the sheen of a freshly-dressed arugula salad by noon.