It's the number one new release of all eyelash curlers on Amazon.
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Want an extra lift for your lashes? Consider using a heated eyelash curler. While not everyone loves them, once you've joined the heated eyelash curler camp, you may never look back.

Our current obsession? The Hizek Eyelash Curler ($15.99) which features an LED display for the temperature and includes a mini USB for charging.

Users of the eyelash curler are loving the product, raving on Amazon with comments like, "Va-va-voom! My eyelashes with just one coat of mascara, after a long day still are curled! This is such an easier process that curling with the kind that clamped down on my lashes (and sometimes my lid). Plus, it's heated!" and "Not only does this curl my lashes but they stay curled even for the most stubborn lashes. Oh if you're are worry wort like me, no stress, this baby has a auto shutdown after 5 mins!"

If you're hesitant about giving up your traditional eyelash curler, consider this review: "This eyelash curler takes some definite practice to use. I've added it to my routine and I am very pleased with the results that it gives. I normally use a metal eye lash curler but I haven't even touched it since purchasing this." After a few sessions with this easy-to-use curler, you'll likely wonder why you spent so many years struggling with the ole clamping method.

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