Expensive Beauty Tools That Live Up To The Hype

Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light
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Sometimes it's easier assuming those pricey products are just gimmicks; bells and whistles disguising the clever marketing ploys that encourage us to open our pocket books and shell over the big bucks. Turns out, the following products actually live up to the results they promise. From a silicone egg that gently and effectively cleanses skin with the tiniest pulses to a mighty mint green blow dryer that deserves its own Instagram account, these expensive beauty products are tools worth investing in—if you can handle the sticker shock.

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Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light

Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light

It's pretty, but it works too. After the masses went crazy for the Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000, they suggested a few ways Mr. Josh could make his bound-to-be-iconic tool even better. He listened, and recently launched a lighter, quieter, and more powerful version that blew us away.

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Foreo LUNA Mini 2

Foreo LUNA Mini 2

The Foreo LUNA Mini 2 is gentle cleansing brush works wonders with sensitive skin. Eight power settings allow for personally-tailored cleansing. Up the intensity setting for a deeper clean and slow it down for a more calming experience.

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GHD Classic 1" Inch Styler

GHD Classic 1” Inch Styler

This iron will cost you, but it will last too. It's a simple design with fewer features than you might expect at this price point, but it does its job well. The GHD Classic heats up in 30 seconds, doesn't snag, and works double duty as a curling iron. In fact, it's the secret to our beachy waves.

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SLIP Silk Pillowcase

Slip Silk Pillowcase
via Sephora

We didn't believe the claims that a pillowcase could possibly be responsible for smoothing hair and diminishing the appearance of fine lines. SLIP made beauty sleep possible with their 100 percent silk pillowcase.

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The Beachwaver Pro

The Beachwaver Pro

An automatically rotating barrel has one low-maintenance beauty editor's vote.

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