Splash-proof your lashes.

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Maybelline New York’s Total Temptation Waterproof Mascara
Credit: Amazon

I'm an ugly crier. Whether it's a sappy movie, sentimental moment, or hearing about the loss of a loved one, my eyes get red, my face scrunches up in an unladylike way, and I'm left with flake-y, runny eye makeup. Carrie Underwood is right: You really can't cry pretty. The one thing that helps a little bit? A great waterproof mascara. Not only does a budge-proof formula prevent teardrops from ruining your look, but it can also withstand the South's unbearable heat.

Now that summer is around the corner and my calendar is packed with summer weddings (bring on the happy tears) and steamy beach vacations, a new waterproof mascara is on the top of beauty my wish list. For that reason, I decided to embark on a mascara-a-thon to try out the latest formulations. After many tubes — and a lot of makeup remover —I found my new summer staple. Meet Maybelline New York's Total Temptation Waterproof Mascara ($7.99, amazon.com).

Beyond its beachy blue packaging, the formula has everything I want in mascara. I love my lashes to be dramatic and voluminous 24/7, so I was excited to see that this tube lived up to my expectations. This is thanks to its oversized brush that plumps up the look of each lash without clumping. Its bristles were even able to my tiniest lower lashes and fan them out. Another bonus: The mascara's creamy consistency is ideal for layering on coat after coat (just don't let it dry in between applications).

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However, the real test of a good waterproof mascara is staying-power. For that reason, I took my freshly mascaraed eyelashes for a little swim. Even after my head was fully submerged in the water, my fringe looked as good as it did before getting into the pool.

Oh, and there's one more thing that sets this mascara apart from the others: Its smell. Yes ya'll, this mascara is scented with a faint coconut aroma. While it was quite unexpected (I literally smelled the brush to figure out what it reminded me of), it was also very enjoyable.

Overall, between its long-lasting volume, smudge-free formula and tropical smell, you truly can't find a more summer-worthy mascara — plus, you'll never have to hide raccoon eyes behind big sunglasses again.