We've become super fans of this underrated cosmetics brand.

By Southern Living Editors
Make Beauty Blush Pot
Credit: @makebeauty

Now that spring is upon us, it's time to look alive—literally. With all the blooming of azaleas, tulip magnolias, and the like, you may have noticed that after months of living in the shadows of winter (and, boy, was this year's a doozy), your glow game could likely use some work.

While you likely have a few worn down powder compacts you put away last November, we've found a new blush-and-bronzer power couple that might herald their demise in your next round of spring cleaning.

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From the under-hyped, but cult-favorite brand MAKE, these portable pots named Dew (a bronzy brown that can also contour) and Blot (a neutral-toned rose that works on both fair and deep complexions) have quickly taken point guard position in our warmer weather cosmetics lineup. While cream colors can disappoint in staying power, their natural, luminous look is what keeps us picking them over their more powdery counterparts. But MAKE's formulas, with lanolin oil as base, have a more waxy texture that helps your flush stay fixed for hours, and we're not just saying that.

While other similarly sized products may have lasted you only a few weeks after rounds of reapplication through the day, the intense color and stiffer consistency allow for more precise application and less product to accomplish a believable blush. Just trace a smudge of the Dew Pot between the apple and hollow of your cheek toward your ear and a smaller smear of the Blot Pot on top; stipple with a beautyblender sponge; and presto, you've gone from pekid to positively radiant.