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Whether you're in the market for a new moisturizer, eyebrow pencil, or alleged miracle serum, there have never been more ways to metaphorically set a stack of money on fire while purchasing beauty items.

And while some pricier products are indeed worth your hard-earned money (Drunk Elephant's various elixirs, La Roche Posay's perfect sunscreen, and Nars' concealers being some of them), so many aren't. That's why we're always on the lookout for bargain buys that help us tilt the cash for cute balance in our favor. Here are five of our recent favorites that all clock in at $10 or below

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5


If you haven't hopped aboard the hyaluronic acid train, this molecule is able to hold 1,000 times its weight in water, which makes it one of the most powerful lightweight moisturizers around. The Ordinary, known for its shockingly affordable formulas, sells their HA for a fraction of a fraction of most brands, and it works just as well. Press into lines around your mouth, eyes, or brow and watch them soften before your eyes. Or just smooth all over your face and watch how words like "cherubic" spring to mind.

e.l.f. Essential Instant Lift Brow Pencil

$9 for 3

What many designer brands charge $24, drugstore brand e.l.f. Is somehow able to do for $3. With an easy, pointed end that helps you draw in individual lines for a natural look and a spoolie brush on the other side to blend and soften, this brow filler is everything you need and nothing you don't in one ultra-portable pencil.

Traditional Medicinals Spearmint Tea

$7 for 16 bags

Wait, what is tea doing on this list? Well, it turns out that spearmint tea can help with hormonal skin conditions, especially breakouts. Scientifically speaking, spearmint has anti-androgen effects, which means it can do a subtle job of evening out hormones that cause acne. While it's not a full-blown cure, studies have shown drinking a tea bag's worth twice a day can have a noticeable effect. Bonus: you can also drink it as iced tea too, which we Southerners appreciate.

[tempo-ecommerce src="" title="Up&Up Women's Razor and Blades" context="body"]

$7 for 1 handle and 3 razor cartridges

If you frequently shave your legs, you know that purchasing razor blades can quickly drain your checking account. While subscription services that will deliver cartridges to your door, if they don't show up on time or you forget them heading out of town, it can be frustrating. Target's Up&Up brand now has a 5-blade razor that does a better job than much more expensive brand names, and refills only cost $7 for 4 cartridges.

[tempo-ecommerce src="" title="Jao Brand Refresher" context="body"]

$10 for 2 oz.

Whether you've just encountered an unsavory gas station bathroom situation on a road trip or have the lingering smell of barbecue ribs on your hands, sometimes a hand sanitizer can be a lifesaver. This one from cool-girl Apothecary brand Jao combines a gentler alcohol along with ultra-refreshing scents like sage and lavender for a superior formula. But you'll also look mighty fancy pulling this retro looking bottle out of your tote bag too.